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Scott and Sara Fahey have owned October Ridge Resort since they bought it in October of 1998 (thus why they kept the name.) They have happily lived there ever since, along with their 3 children: Rachel, Alex and Andrew. They are constantly working to improve the cabins and house left there for them. 

October Ridge Resort was originally a logging landing in the early 1900s for Northern Minnesota loggers to float logs to. The property became a resort sometime in the 1930s and 40s and has been one ever since! It is Scott and Sara's dream to live at and improve on this place all the way through retirement.

Hello from Scott & Sara Fahey,

   We are looking forward to making your vacation a memorable and enjoyable one here at October Ridge.
   October Ridge Resort is a Ma and Pa Resort with 7 Modern housekeeping cabins and a Mobile Home settled on 40 acres. We have mowed nature trails that tie into thousands of acres of Chippewa National Forest to suit people that have the desire to hike, snowshoe, or cross country ski. Our yard is frequently visited by many of Minnesota's Northwoods critters including white-tailed deer, black bears, grouse, ducks, eagles, moose and many more.

   If you are a night owl, don't be surprised to find the Northern lights showing themselves off with the sounds of the loons calling or even a timber wolf howling once in a while in the background. The Northern Lights are nothing less than spectacular on a cool crisp night from late August to the end of Winter.
We hope you love and enjoy this place as much as we have and do!
Scott, Sara, Rachel, Alex and Andrew Fahey

Email us today to make a reservation for your relaxing family vacation!
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